Have you ever wanted to live in a haunted house? Well here are four creepy, goose-bump inducing opportunities you won’t want to miss!

Known as the Historic Campbell Castle this home was built between 1886-1888 for Burton Harvey Campbell, who was a cattle baron. Built with inspiration from Scottish castles the 11,000-square foot home has 16 bedrooms, 14 bathrooms and sits on 2 acres of land facing Little Arkansas river.

It is said that the ghost who roam throughout the house came from some of the architecture that was brought over from Europe that had spirit's attached.

It sits on the market for $941,671. Looking at this beautiful house I can see why they ghost don’t want to leave!

This Haunted Hill House is in Mineral Wells, TX. Built in the 1800’s, it has 2,840 haunted square feet!

When it was built it was a brothel and bootleg with ties to the Baker Hotel, another famous haunted house right down the road. It is said to be haunted by 9 ghosts including a 6-year-old boy and one of the past owners.

The current owners bought the home with intentions of fixing it up and living in it but reportedly changed their minds after realizing the level of paranormal activity that went on in the house. They now let people tour the home but due to the paranormal activity they do recommend anyone who is pregnant, has a serious medical condition or is under the age of 5.

This home is for sale for $99,900 although it is certainly a fixer upper and is not appraised at that price. The value must come with the ghost! The listing does not shy away from being haunted, stating things like “House and current alleged spirits are being sold as where lots of history and stories”. The owners also warn of removing items from the house! Talk about CREEPY!

Those two lisitings not creepy enough? Well for $2,150,000 you could live in the Hampton Lilibridge home in the haunted city of Savannah GA.

The home was built in 1796 and after the original owner died his wife sold the home. In 1963 Jim Williams bought the home. During renovating the home, tools disappeared and moved across the room, strange mocking laughter was heard, and shadowy figures were seen. It is said that William had an exorcism on the home but after a week the spirits returned!

No one is quite sure why this home would be haunted, but some attribute it to a young sailor who died in the home and some contribute it to the mysterious crypt found under the home during relocation.

The ghost are not the only part of the homes interesting history, Jim Williams is the only person in the state of Georgia to be tired four times for the same crime. That crime being the shooting of Danny Hansford in another alleged haunted house, the Mercer House. He was found not guilty during all four trials.

The current owners have lived there for decades and say they have not witnessed any sort of paranormal activity.

The Dakota is one of the most famous buildings in New York, but is said to be haunted!

There have been reports of a little girl roaming the halls laughing and greeting people, an Indian figure watching the entrance and a lady crying.

This building also happens to be the apartment building in which John Lennon lived and was murdered in front of in 1980. Yoko Ono, Johns widow, reported seeing John after he passed sitting at a piano. He turned to her and said “Don’t be afraid. I am still with you.” While alive Lennon reported witnessing the lady crying calling her the “Crying Ghost Lady”.

A lot of the reasoning behind the haunting's is said to be because the original owner, Edward Clark, had an interest in paranormal activity and would host seances.

If you would like to live among the ghost at the Dakota, it’s going to cost you about 14.5 Million dollars!

These may all be stories from people with overactive imaginations, but I think we will pass on these homes …… you know, just in case! 

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